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Neighbors On Edge After Home Invasion in Odessa

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - A home invasion in Odessa on Wednesday has neighbors on edge, and the suspect is still on the run.

Folks living off Orchid Lane in Odessa said it's usually a peaceful neighborhood but Wednesday afternoon was anything but.

Police said an intruder broke into a house in the 4600 block of Orchid Ln. but was caught in the act by the homeowner.

"The victim walked in through the front door and was met by the actor, by the intruder," Cpl. Steve Leseuer, with Odessa Police, said.

That's when the victim's terrifying ordeal began.

"Tied him up with several random cords, untied him and tied him back up," Leseuer said. "The entire house was ransacked."

The intruder took electronics, jewelry and even clothes before stealing the victims truck.

But the home invasion wasn't the first time investigators were called out to the street on Wednesday.

"This is the fourth incident we've had today on this street," Leseuer said.

Two other homes and a vehicle were broken into hours before.

"They broke both my tool boxes, jimmied my lock on my truck and got into my welding rig," homeowner J. R. Pickens said.

Pickens' truck was hit sometime overnight. He believes whoever did it wasn't alone.

"It had to be more than one person with all the equipment they had of mine," Pickens said. "They pushed my wheel barrow from my house all the way down to here."

Pickens said he's lived in the neighborhood for years without any problems but he and other homeowners said now, they're a little shaken.

"It concerns me it really does," Pickens said. "That man's got wrought iron around his house. If they can get in his house, it makes me wonder about mine."

Still, he has a strong message for whoever's responsible.

"If I'd been in my house and they came in my house, they wouldn't have walked out," Pickens said "I hope you get caught and I will testify against you and I will put you in the penitentiary."

Luckily the victim from the home invasion wasn't hurt but investigators are still trying to figure out if any weapons were used.

Police are looking for a Hispanic man but no other information on his description is available. He may be driving around in the victim's 2011 four-door, white Dodge Ram truck.

If you have any information or see anything suspicious, you're asked to call Odessa Police.

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