New Business Helps Local Artists and Community

By: Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Oil is what usually comes to mind when you think of the basin, but Artizen is reaching out to a different crowd.

"The idea behind it was to find a place here in midland where local artist could come and work together, share their ideas, their dreams, their thoughts, their processes. A place we could sale our local handmade art," store manager Connie Glinsmann said.

Keeping it local is what they aim for, every art piece was designed and created by someone in the basin.

"All these local artist their only outlet to sell their work is to go to these various shows and show all their stuff and pay this, you know, pay this rental fee and insurance for a weekend and hope they do well but I was really wanting to make like a home base like go down to Artizen" store owner Nina Noel said.

"It just shows the culture here and people are able to buy magnificent art here they might not have known but we're slowly getting our name out there," Artizen Artist Jo Turner said.

And local artist are not the only ones benefiting.

"We have what we call Artizen outreach program and every season or month we try to offer different opportunities for the community to use our place as a out reach to bring gently used items," Glinsmann said.

So far the new trend has been a hit.

"It's been phenomenal successful, we've been so excited we've had a great out pouring from the community people are  constantly finding out who we are and where we are," said Glinsmann.

Artizen will celebrate their year anniversary next month.