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Goliad Elementary May Let Go of All Staff

By Brian Wise
NewsWest 9

ODESSA -In a national economy where it's hard to find a job, applying for one is never easy. Now imagine having to apply for your job again. That's what teachers and staff have to do at Goliad Elementary in Odessa. They might not be able to come back. 

Its called reconstitution, and schools in the state that fall under  the "unacceptable" category are subject to it. Schools that fail routine evaluation testing for two years must reapply their entire staff according to Texas legislation.

On Tuesday night, the principal of Goliad, Annette Macias, spoke in front of the Ector County Board of Trustees on a plan to move forward. She told NewsWest 9 the hard truth.

"Essentially everyone, including myself are having to interview for our jobs," Macias said.

 John B. Hood Junior High School is also deemed unacceptable by Texas. They have had to reconstitute their staff before. It all happened back in 2011. Principal Wayne Squiers had to let almost all staff go.

"For us when it was reconstituted last year the teachers were still under contract. They still had their contract and they applied for different openings on different campuses here in town or they were assigned to different places here in town. (NewsWest9) How much of your staff did you lose? (Squiers) I kept two teachers in the core content area and everyone else is replaced. (Reporter) How many positions was that? (Squiers) We had six...it was about fifteen," Squiers said.

Now the same thing is happening to Goliad Elementary. Except in their case, the number of staff that could be moved is much greater. 

"Its everybody. So I don't know if its going to include the custodians and the cafeteria people. So it could be fifty. Between forty and fifty I guess," Macias said.

The school did talk to Ector County's Board of Trustees tonight to talk about a plan to move forward, out of the "unacceptable" status. Interim Superintendent Tom Crowe said what he is looking for in teachers are those who care for kids and have the right attitude. 

Macias says the elementary is going to have a parent meeting on October 17th at 6 PM. The meeting is to answer questions that any parents may have. After that, its up to state and county school officials to decide which staff stays and which goes. 


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