CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Two "Fish" For Money In Apartment Drop Box

By Devin Sanchez

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - If you're used to dropping your rent off in a drop box at your apartment, thieves in Odessa are using an interesting technique to steal your payment.

But two guys in Odessa weren't as slick as they thought, because the whole thing was caught on camera.

"They take a wire and put something sticky on it and drop it down into that box and they fish out what they can get. You can see them doing that. They do it several times and come out with several envelopes," Susan Rogers with Odessa Crime Stoppers said.

Envelopes of rent payments, from people living at High Plains Apartments. The two "sticky bandits" walked up to the payment drop box, around 5 AM. One of the guys stood by as a watch guard, while the other did the dirty work.

"He's kind of goofy looking, but he stands there as a look out; try to keep anyone from seeing what's going on," Rogers said.

The crooks leave at one point, but come back to the drop box.

"They have to put some more sticky stuff on it, to go back in there and get it," she said.

They didn't just take the cash payments, but money orders and personal checks.

"They may have found a way to cash those money orders," she said.

Because they stole from an apartment, the crime was upgraded.

"It's not just a little misdemeanor theft, its a felony that they set themselves up for," Rogers said.

They're described as two white men in their 20's. Anyone with any information is asked to call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS.