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OPD Launches Weekly High Five List for Fugitives

Anum Valliani

ODESSA - The Odessa Police Department said there may be thousands of people who have some outstanding warrants. So to help find those who seem to be the best at not getting caught, they're pairing with Crime Stoppers to put out a weekly list that puts the fugitives names and faces out there.

The Odessa High Five Club: it's a list you don't want to be a part of unless you like a little unwanted attention, like your face plastered on flyers and TV.

And if you're not on the list one week, don't get comfortable, there are five fresh faces every week, so there's always a spot for you. 

But know that the people will be looking for you. They could even receive cash to tell the police where you are.

So how do you make the list? By having the most arrest warrants in Odessa.

Now without further ado, here are this first week's top five:

Roberto Juan Hernandez topped the list with fourteen, and happy 30th birthday to him on Monday too! Richard Busby had been caught racing on the highway, but he came in at second in this competition. Right at third is Stephanie Struck, who definitely struck out when cops found her helping minors start boozing. And she had actually previously been charged as a minor in possession of alcohol. Twenty eight year-old Justin Urias rounds out the bottom with eight, along with Lori Lee Carberry who had already been caught soon after the list went out.

But don't worry. These aren't violent criminals. Officials said they're just repeat offenders who might have unfinished business with the municipal court. And they happen to have a pretty thick stack of paper documenting their criminal histories.

Now do you want to make the cut...or avoid it?


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