Andrews Hoping to Improve Safety on Reliever Route After Fatal Accident

By: Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

ANDREWS- Saturday night,  just four days after the grand opening of the reliever route, an accident leaves one man dead and another man seriously injured after a driver ran a stop sign, and now city officials are working to make sure the route is as safe as possible.

"The city council spent literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in additional features beyond what was required to try and make sure that we had a safe route and I think that is just underscored in the fact that now we have had a fatality accident" said Andrews City Manager Glen Hackler.

And after that fatal accident the city is taking steps to improve the safety on the new loop even more.

"Driving the route both day and night looking for opportunities. Listening to what people are saying so that we can incorporate that into their recommendations" said Hackler.

The city says so far they have a few options.

"Some of they types of things is advance warning systems, you can put jiggle bars in the road that gets people's attention as they drive across them or flashing lights" said Hackler.

As of now nothing is set and stone but changes will be made.

"We will add to what's existing in the locations just to try to enhance safety" said Hackler.