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MISD to Get One Million Dollar Housing Grant for Employees

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - There's good news for MISD.

The district is getting some much needed assistance from the community. The Henry Foundation is giving MISD a one million dollar grant.

The money will go toward helping district employees with housing and utility costs, but this grant is targeting a certain group.

"We have 1,500 support staff people and those are bus drivers who do such an important job everyday, our custodians, our maintenance crews, food service people, teachers aides," Superintendent Ryder Warren said.

The folks at the foundation tell NewsWest 9 they felt it was important not to forget these vital positions.

"These are also people who have lived and worked in the community and are facing the same challenges as everyone else in the economy of rising living costs," Lael Cordes-Pitss, Exec. Director, said.

MISD is well into the school year but still very understaffed in those areas.

"We're probably 30-35 bus drivers short and we have been for about the last 2-3 years," Dr. Warren said.  "Probably 60 maintenance staff, custodial staff and then we have over 90 positions we could fill right now in the food service department."

Half of the funds will be used for current employees, the other half will go to recruiting.

"I can't keep up with the salaries the oil field is paying right now so anything we can do to put more assets in the pockets of our staff members, that helps us even more," Dr. Warren said.

Dr. Warren said he couldn't be more grateful and the foundation said they're happy to help.

"They feel very fortunate and very blessed with all of the resources they have that they can now share back with the community," Cordes-Pitts said.

The money will be used over the next three semesters.

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