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Serious Accusations Made Against Odessa Animal Control Shelter

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ODESSA-  The Odessa Animal Control Shelter is coming under fire from a group of citizens who claim the shelter is not operating properly.
They are making serious accusations on Facebook, including the illegal euthanization of animals.
"We had a situation on Monday where they walked in a shelter and were told they did not have a euthanasia list for Monday. On Tuesday morning the girls came back in to get pictures and the five dogs were dead," Holly Dool, a concerned animal lover said. 
Steve LeSueur, with the Odessa Police Department, says these allegations are false.
"There were five animals that they were accusing of putting to sleep. It turned out to be false," LeSueur said.  

"They really run this more as a pound not a shelter they really don't try to get the dogs out,"   Dool said.

"They are not doing anything that is illegal or anything that is unprofessional," LeSueur said.

The city says that the state's veterinary office has passed the Odessa Animal Control Shelter in all inspections, including the cleanliness of the facility.


"There has been reports of people losing their dogs that have identification phone numbers on their collars and they have located their dogs here at the shelter. They have not had one call from the shelter trying to locate the owners," Dool said.    

City officials say these are just allegations.

"There are certain standards that have to be kept up. Odessa Police and animal control is living up to those standards," LeSueur said.


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