Car Stolen in Connection With Deputy Shooting

By Brian Wise

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Imagine trying to sell your car and then finding out it was stolen. Then you found out it was driven by a man charged with capital murder. That's what happened to Tryphaena Halverson. She hadn't been receiving payments on her car and wondered what had happened. She found out the details just yesterday.

It all started with a standard car deal. Tryphaena Halverson was selling her car to a couple that worked in the oil field. They drove the car from Cleburne to Odessa, where the last car payment was going to be picked up and sent to Halverson.

"Next thing they know this Gary guy parked the car. Apparently on someone else's property after he stole it. And took off. And wasn't heard from for about a day. Parked it on someone else's property, then stole the red truck," Halverson said.

The 'Gary Guy' she is talking about is Gary David Green. Texas Rangers called Tryphaena Wednesday after investigating the stolen vehicles. After stealing this car, Green parked it and stole a truck. He drove this vehicle to the stripes in McCamey, where Deputy Billy "Bubba" Kennedy received gunshot wounds by Green.

"When something like this happens it affects everybody," Ken Houston, the local Methodist Church Pastor, said.

It even affects people who didn't know about the murder. Now Halverson says that she is going to have to pick the car up, three hundred miles away. Halverson says she is going to have to pay the storage fees for the car getting impounded. 

"I don't think that that's really fair because I had absolutely no clue this had happened. And I have to do it because the car is registered in my name and stuff like that and its something I have to do, but I really think that the law enforcement should realize that my car, my property, was the victim of a crime," Halverson said.

Halverson says she is looking at about two weeks worth of storage fees for her car being here. It won't be easy to pick it up. Her home town of Cleburne is more than three hundred miles away. Trafina seems to be the latest victim of Gary David Green.