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Gary David Green's Ex-Wife Speaks Out

Anum Valiani

UPTON COUNTY - Gary David Green's ex-wife spoke to NewsWest 9 exclusively.

"That's the question everyone is asking me and for the life of me, I can't come up with an answer," his ex-wife, Cindy Green, said.

She said it's unlike anything she's felt before and through tears, she struggled to describe what it was like knowing that the deputy's life was taken protecting people, and that her former husband was to blame.

"I still can't even imagine that he's done this at all. It's like taking your heart and ripping it out," she said.

Gary David Green, who was also known as "Pink Panther" Green, had a history of violence. She said he had been imprisoned for violating parole after former assault charges. NewsWest9 verified those charges after looking up Green's criminal past.
"That wasn't his entire life. I've known him since I was sixteen. However, where are we today?" she said.

Despite her past with him, or maybe even because of it, NewsWest 9 asked if Cindy could ever forgive her ex-husband.

"I can't even envision it at this point. No," she said.

The day after the shooting, Cindy's son, Kyler, had been accused making threats. But she says Kyler had been with her that day and that she, "knew he didn't do anything like that because he was too emotional."

Cindy said Kyler's only concern was for the Kennedy family. 

"He was so upset at the officer's family possibly thinking that he was like his dad and would do something to harm somebody," Cindy said.

But above all, the Green's wanted to say sorry to the Kennedy's and to let them know that there are many people praying for them in Godley and Cindy's hometown too.

"That's all it's about today, it's not about me or Kyler or anybody else," she said.

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