Reliever Route Finally Opens in Andrews

By: Alexa Williams

Newswest 9

ANDREWS- Its been a five year project but the truck reliever route in Andrews is finally finished. The 13.1 mile loop opened to drivers on Tuesday morning.

The official name of the reliever route is Andrews Loop 1910. It was named after the year Andrews County was established.

"Its a historic day. After we conducted the ribbon cutting, we had an inaugural drive, we had hundreds of citizens here, lots of vehicles that drove the loop for the first time and officially opened it for traffic," Andrews City Manager Glen Hackler said.

One of the main focuses of this project was to relieve 18 wheeler congestion on the main roads in the city.

"By getting the large trucks off the streets in town, it's going to lower the maintenance on those and it's also going to be much easier for our folks, for our local traffic, to move around in our city streets,"  Hackler said.

But traffic flow is not the only reason the new road was built.

"Safety, having safety in mind. We worked with TX-DOT on the planning. We've widened the state highways, we've introduced traffic signals at key locations and done everything that we know to do to not only make this a well thought out and well planned route but also a safe route for all the vehicle traffic that will use it," Hackler said.

The pricetag for the loop was $12.5 million but the city says its all a part of future plans.

"We wanted to accomplish future growth and development and provide a catalyst for growth," Hacker said .