Woman Devastated After Her Belongings Were Removed From Daughter's Grave

Woman Devastated After Her Belongings Were Removed From Daughter's Grave

By: Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A Midland woman who buried her daughter just months ago got an upsetting surprise when she went to her daughters grave. Everything she had placed on her daughters grave was gone and put into a pile of garbage.

"There was all these flowers, there was all these treasures that people have placed on loved ones graves. There were American flags just discarded on the ground where people were walking on them. There was a picture of a little girl and her father and it was just discarded like it was trash," Vicki Draper said.

She says she was told she could look through everything to try to find her belongings.

"I had to dig through all the stuff back there just to find my things that I have given my daughter," Draper said.

But Vicki didn't find all of her things and she says she wants to see this come to an end.

"I would like to see them do their clean up twice a year but I just don't understand removing peoples things that they have placed out there for their loved ones and just discarding them like they are trash," Draper said.

She remains devastated about what happened to the special items she placed on her daughters grave.

"It's very sentimental and I felt like I buried my daughter all over again," Draper said.

RestHaven Memorial Park did send a letter to Vicki apologizing that said, "The reasoning behind the cleanup of the cemetery is so that our maintenance staff can begin the scalping process for our turfs dormancy season and also to apply pre-emergent chemical application to the turf. I want to also deeply apologize to you and the other countless number of veterans that have laid down their lives for our country and the way that our maintenance staff simply places flags on the ground. This is unacceptable under any circumstance and rest assured it was brought to their attention immediately."

NewsWest 9 tried to reach out to RestHaven's corporate offices but we did not receive a response.