U.S. Honor Flag Touches Down in Midland

U.S. Honor Flag Touches Down in Midland

by Brian Wise
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- The U.S. Honor Flag was flown into Midland International Airport on Sunday night to honor fallen Deputy Billy "Bubba" Kennedy.

The U.S. Honor Flag has been honoring our fallen service members for more than a decade. According to the Honor Network promotional video, the flag was flown over the rubble of 9/11 to honor firefighters and police officers in the line of duty.

The flag has been around the country, starting when it was mailed to Honor Network Founder Chris Heisler. The flag has since been flown at the Pentagon and been on board the space shuttle Atlantis.

Sgt. Tim Kresta of the Austin Police Honor Guard is planning the service for Kennedy. He was not able to be on camera but said Sunday that special ceremonial honors will be given. This is to ensure the family knows Deputy Kennedy is held in the highest respect possible.

Any letters of condolence for Deputy Kennedy can be sent to the Upton County Sheriff's Department. Kresta told me police will keep the solemn vow that they will never forget Deputy Kennedy or any other fallen officers.

The service for Deputy Kennedy will be held at the Park Center in Rankin on Tuesday morning at 11 a.m. The funeral will be open to the public and all law enforcement.