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Odessa Man Pleads Guilty to Enticing Sexual Activity to Minors

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- An Odessa man is heading to prison for a long time after pleading guilty to producing child pornography and enticing underage kids to engage in sexual activity. Ryan Marvin was sentenced to 72 years in prison. Prosecutors pushed for that sentence due to the severity of the crime.

According to federal documents, Marvin used sophisticated networking equipment in his bedroom that would automatically record any movement on his bed, day or night whether he was there or not. 

He recorded several sex acts involving minors when he wasn't present but there are also multiple recordings of Marvin having sex with boys ranging in age from 13 to 17 years old.
All of the cases happened in 2012. According to the document, he would get his victims extremely intoxicated before he would try to have sex with them. The videos show Marvin giving his young victims alcohol. 
One of those boys was Marvin's own relative. In this case, he would invite adult male friends over to engage in sexual activity with the boy.

In another case, a 15-year-old can be seen receiving oral sex from Marvin. The boy appears to be unconscious and unresponsive. The video was more than an hour in length. The teen was also captured drinking in Marvin's apartment and appeared intoxicated. 
The next night, Marvin was recorded engaging in similar sexual activity with a 13-year-old boy.
He is seen removing the boys pants while he was sleeping along with his own and then getting into bed with the 13-year-old but the boy remained unresponsive.

In the sentencing memorandum, prosecutors made sure to point out that Marvin's victims continued to get younger as his crimes went on and now law enforcement agents are happy to have him off the streets.

Austin Berry, Assistant U.S. Attorney, said, "Today (Thursday), this defendant was removed from our community for 72 years thanks to the great investigation work by the Odessa Police Department and the Department of Homeland Security, as well as the invaluable victim services provided by Harmony Home in Odessa, but justice most assuredly would not have occurred if the juvenile survivors of this defendant had not demonstrated the amazing courage necessary to face their abuser in court."
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