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Witness, McCamey Residents Remember Deputy Killed

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

McCamey - Most of the yellow tape is gone but the bullet hole in a gas pump and the broken glass on the ground is a reminder of the tragedy that unfolded in McCamey.

"Everybody is really sad," Pastor Ken Houston with First United Methodist Church, said. "We have a really close-knit community."

38-year-old Upton County Deputy Billy "Bubba" Kennedy was gunned down late Wednesday night in front of the Stripes convenience store.

Stephanie Poung was inside her donut shop across the street when she heard gunshots and then sirens.

"I would say eight to eleven shots," she said. "When I came out here, I looked through my glass door and I see one man was down. One deputy was running around, tried to open the suspect door."

Poung watched as Kennedy's fellow deputies tried to save him.

"I was counting with them for four to five times, CPR," she said. "They stopped and in my mind I knew he was already gone. They covered him with the white cloth. Breaks my heart," Poung said.

The question on everyone's mind here is why?

"Every time they walk out the door, they lay their life on the line for us," Houston said. "When something like this happens, it affects everybody."

People said they're focusing on supporting Deputy Kennedy's loved ones.

"Thoughts and prayers are with the family and hopefully they'll come out of this," Reyes Olivo said.

And also honoring his memory.

"I honor the Sheriff department for protecting our city and I thank him," Poung said.

"We wish that they wouldn't have to make the ultimate sacrifice but sometimes they do," Houston said.

Residents tell NewsWest 9 if there's any good that came out of this, it's that the suspect, 50-year-old Gary David Green, was caught. Residents say they're hoping he makes a full recovery so he can be brought to justice.

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