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Commemorative Air Force Preparing For Their 50th Anniversary AirSho

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- The Commemorative Air Force is gearing up for their AirSho but this year it marks a milestone, they're celebrating 50 years. Almost a year of volunteer work is what it takes in order to have this event come together, but now, the CAF is just two weeks away from their biggest event of the year.

"We actually started planning this years AirSho right after last year, so it's a long process for us, it's something we look forward to,"  Autumn Vest, Director of CAF Airpower Museum, said.

This year, they have some new things in store.

"We've got the worlds smallest microjet coming in, it flies up to 300 mph. We have Shockwave, which is a big semi truck which we all see on the road but we never see them with flames coming out of the back end so that'll be a lot of fun as it goes about 300 mph down the runway," Vest said.

Officials say this AirSho is unique, it's something that you won't see anywhere else.

"No other place in America can you see this many World War II airplanes in the air at one time. Nowhere else in the world do you see this and it's right here in your backyard, in the Permian Basin," Stephan Brown, CAF CEO/President, said.  

But this is all done with one goal in mind.

"Education is our core mission, honoring American military aviation so that they understand that the freedom that kids enjoy today, or that all people enjoy today, is because of the history of these airplanes," Brown said.

The AirSho takes off on Saturday, October 12 and concludes on Sunday, October 13. Tickets can be purchased online at

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