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New Technology at Medical Center Hospital Improving Patient Care

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Language barriers have always been a problem in hospitals but now some new technology at Medical Center Hospital is improving patient care with a simple push of a button.

My Accessible Real Time Trusted Interpreter, also known as the MARTTI, can now be found in the halls of Medical Center Hospital.

"Basically what it provides us with is 24 hour interpretation services," John O'Hearn, Executive Director of Planning and Development at MCH, said.

The small screen is quick and easy to use. It pulls up an interpreter in just moments.

"It's a push button start, the attendant comes up and asks what language you're acquiring and they find an interpreter for you. And it's typically a one to two minute set up to get an interpreter live," O'Hearn said.

Before the MARTTI existed, other workers would have to get called off their floor to come interpret for patients.

"Now you can just go to the nurses station and grab the MARTTI and you're on your way," R.N. Larissa Exline, said.

The staff says the MARTTI has significantly helped with their care.

"It will give us better patient satisfaction ratings, just because our care is more communicated, the fact that you communicate to your patient what you are doing makes all the difference," Exline said.

There are over 200 languages that can be interpreted and more are being added daily and it can even help with the hearing impaired.

"So what this allows us to do is have that video interpretation so somebody can use sign language and communicate," O'Hearn said.

But if a patient is worried about confidentially, the video can be turned off.

"There is just an audio option so the patient can opt out of being on video if they want to," O'Hearn said.

There is currently a MARTTI on every floor and the hospital says they plan on bringing more in next year.
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