Police Investigating String of Car Burglaries at Odessa Apartment Complex

Police Investigating String of Car Burglaries at Odessa Apartment Complex

by Stephanie Mills
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - A string of car burglaries hit two Odessa apartment complexes this week but what they stole is the surprising part.

Eight different victims had their car windows smashed in and valuable items stolen.

On Tuesday morning, a number of different cars were broken into in the parking lots of the Westwood Apartments and Kona Kai Complex in Odessa.

Eight different people say valuables were taken from their cars.

"It appears they were targeting vehicles that were unlocked. And if they were locked, in some cases, they would bust the window out," Steve LeSueur, with the Odessa Police Department, said.

But the surprising items that were stolen were car registrations, insurance cards and car batteries.

"They opened the hood, cut the wires and stole the car batteries," LeSueur said.

Residents at the apartment complex told NewsWest 9, three of the eight victims had their cars broken into at the Kona Kai Parking lot.

"This is the first time something like this has happened. I've been here 13 years," Robert Barton, who was one the victims, said.

Authorities believe that it could possibly have been a premeditated plan, especially considering car batteries require tools to be able to take them out of a car.

"It's very possible that it could have been planned out methodically," LeSueur said.

"And cased this place out and knew exactly when to hit it," Barton said.

Juanita Jaquez, one of the victims who had her car battery stolen, says the thieves also took her music on her phone, which was her livelihood.

"But I prayed for them. Because I was really upset. You work so hard for your things and for someone to just come and say hey this is what I'm going to do. It's sad," Jaquez said.

"You got high rent and you work for your money and something like this hurts everybody," Barton said.

Police say at this time they have no suspects but continue to investigate.

They also tell citizens to keep their cars locked at all times, to not leave valuables in the car or in plain sight.