Midland Mother Speaks About Run For Mayor

Midland Mother Speaks About Run For Mayor

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - She's the only woman on the ballot for Midland Mayor and she's hoping to get your vote.

Kathy White wears many hats.

"I can shoot skeet. I can shoot guns, I can ride motorcycles, I can play the piano, I can sing," White said. "I'm just multi-talented and I'm ready to be the greatest contribution I can be for my community and Midland, Texas."

She's hoping to add one more hat to the pile. White is running for Mayor in the upcoming November elections.

The mother of two decided to join the race after some encouragement from mentors.

"I said, 'well where's the female component? What's going on?'" White said, after finding out about the all-male ballot. "48 hours later with prayer and meditation with my husband, it would not go away and here I am."

White was born and raised in Odessa but calls Midland her home.

If she's elected, she wants to give first responders a bigger paycheck.

"I do not believe they're being paid their intrinsic value to our community," White said. "We talk about infrastructure and think sewer lines and water lines. I'm talking about people infrastructure. Those are our people. They're worth it, they deserve it."

She also talked about issues like conserving water and looking out for our senior citizens on her campaign page.

When it comes to the Energy Tower, White supports it.

"You know I pay taxes too," she said. "I just think we need education of what this can do for us, the revenue stream, the broadening of the tax base. I just don't see this as a bad thing."

White wants to follow in Wes Perry's footsteps and she said she's ready for the challenge.

"I absolutely love what he's done for our community," White said. "I'd like to be the continuation of that, just in the female form."

NewsWest 9 will be profiling each mayoral candidate in the weeks leading up to election.