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Prada Marfa Fighting to Stay Alive

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

MARFA- Over 1,500 posts on Instagram alone, all about Prada Marfa. The art installation in the small West Texas town of Marfa is drawing in tourists from all over the nation, even catching the eye of celebrities like Beyonce.

"This is probably one of the main reasons people come through this area is to see this cool thing. To tear it down, you're probably just going to have a lot less people coming around," tourist and Video Director, Dan Huiting, said.

But the piece of art is in jeopardy. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, "Prada Marfa is considered outdoor advertising and a state outdoor advertising license and permit are required." Currently, the site is not in compliance with state laws.

However, the controversy behind it is bringing in quite the crowd.

"I was like man I got a couple of extra days, I'm going to go over to Marfa," one tourist from Austin said.

A director from Minneapolis made the trek for a project for singer Mason Jennings.

"We are down here shooting a music video," Huiting said.

TXDOT has not made up their mind just yet as they say they are, "still looking into this" and they, "appreciate the artwork but like all other outdoor signs, people responsible must follow federal and state laws."

And in case Prada Marfa is given its walking papers, spectators are taking a good look at this piece of art in an unlikely place.                

"That it's out here, it's nuts, it's cool to look at, it's cool to take it in. I'm glad it's here," one tourist, said. 

"That's what everyone thinks of when they think of Marfa. It's the Prada Marfa," Huiting said.

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