Pumping Company Participates 18-Wheeler Driving Safety Course

Pumping Company Participates 18-Wheeler Driving Safety Course

By Devin Sanchez

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - For the past six months, Reggie Hurry, with Total Driving Experience, has come to the Tall City to teach CDL drivers to be more defensive on the road.

"It is terrible around here. We come here once a month for the past 6-7 months, we heard about it, but now, we're actually experiencing it," Hurry said.

What they've experienced, the surge of traffic and reckless driving in the Basin.

"We're seeing how bad the traffic is and people running red lights," he said.

Hurry and his crew are teaching employees of O Tex Pumping, the fundamentals of operating an 18-wheeler.

"They're in these big trucks, so if they're doing everything right, we're not going to have any problems," he said.

Joe Ornelas, the safety operator for O Tex, said it's important his employees get as much training as possible.

"They're getting our guys aware of their surroundings, teaching them to do inspections on trucks. Just being safer drivers for themselves and the public," Ornelas said. "Don't ever assume that persons going to make that left turn or slow down. Expect the worst, that way they're prepared in case something does happen."

For O Tex, the course has already paid off.

"Our drivers have done good, as far as the yard, we've had less accidents now. Our guys really enjoy whatever training they can get in driving and it helps them out," Ornelas said.