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City of Midland Drafts Funding Rules For Commemorative Air Force

Brian Wise
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- On Tuesday afternoon, the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Board, Midland Mayor Wes Perry and Midland Officials drafted up a number of conditions to keep the museum and the Airsho in Midland. If they don't hold to the agreement, the CAF will have the pay the city back their fund. NewsWest 9 spoke with the City Council and the CAF after the draft meeting. 

"We had heard, this was all kinda through the grapevine stuff, but we'd heard that the CAF was leaving. That was the very first thing, the reactionary part of this was the fact that 'oh my gosh, the CAF was leaving'," Midland City Councilman Scott Dufford, said.

"So there's been a lot of talk for the past couple of months that there was concern that we were going to move but that's never been the plan as I've consistently stated. The headquarters element is moving to a new location but the things that the CAF is known for, like the Airsho, those are going to continue on," Brown said.

"We wanted to essentially find out what their intentions really were and if their intentions are to just move the headquarters and nothing else and essentially leave Midland (museum) whole. We want to hold them to that through our agreement on the hotel/motel funds," Dufford said.

Some of those terms and conditions include the following: The CAF has to hold the annual Airsho in October and they have to keep the museum running until at least January 2017. If not, the City of Midland has the right to take back the $50,000 the City of Midland funds for the CAF to have their Airsho. 

"We get hotel/motel funding from both Midland and Odessa to the tune of $50,000 each that we use to market both the Airsho and the year-round activities of the museum," Brown said.

"We got together this (Tuesday) afternoon, myself and the mayor and the board members. We sat down and reached an agreement on all the terms and now they're just putting those down into writing. Where-upon the mayor and I will sign those hopefully by the end of the week and we'll move on from there," Brown said.
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