Two Animals Found Dead, Stuffed in Bags Near Road in Midland County

Two Animals Found Dead, Stuffed in Bags Near Road in Midland County

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - It's a disturbing discovery out of Midland County. Two animals were found dead, stuffed in bags and left on the side of the road.

A picture of the animals is circulating online and it has local pet rescue groups outraged.

At first glance, it looks like trash illegally dumped out in Midland County.

"It looks like they're cattle feed bags," Kelsey Kuhrt said.

But a closer look reveals something much worse. A passerby found two dead animals stuffed into bags and left near the side of the road in plain sight.

One of the animals appears to be a goat, the other one, a dog and both them are possibly shot. A picture was posted on multiple pet rescue pages on Facebook.

Kuhrt, with the organization Furry Friends Have Feelings Too, got in contact with the woman who took the photo and drove out to see it for herself.

"I was disgusted," Kuhrt said. "I had seen the pictures but then actually coming out here and smelling them and seeing them. They're covered in flies and maggots."

Kuhrt said a Midland County deputy came out but she claimed they gave her some unsettling news.

"They said they see this a few times a month," she said.  "There's no way to prove who did it if they're just driving by and throwing them out."

That has animal lovers worried more cases like this could happen.

"Out in the county, there's no leash law," Kuhrt said. "If the dog gets on somebody's property then it can legally be shot if it's attacking livestock or anything like that."

Kuhrt said she was told the Midland County Road and Bridge Dept. would remove the animals. NewsWest 9 spoke with a Midland County employee familiar with the case who told us the same thing but the bags were still there when we shot the interview.

"To think if like a kid would see this, I mean, I saw it and I was upset," Kuhrt said.

Kuhrt said if you or someone you know has an unwanted animal, there are several pet rescue groups in the Basin. You can find them by searching on Facebook.