Ector County Starts Coalition to Prevent Domestic Violence

Ector County Starts Coalition to Prevent Domestic Violence

By: Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY- A coalition has started in Ector County and it's all in an effort to raise awareness of domestic violence and to lower the amount of people who are effected by it each year.

"We're setting out to really educate the citizens of Ector County to where this culture of apathy goes away," Greg Conner, Ector County First Assistant Attorney, said.

As part of the fight, the county also wants to bring to light the expenses that go into the unreported crime.

"For the county, for the city, it's a tax issue, there is a lot of money that has to go into fighting domestic violence as far as protective orders and getting people to stand up and go to court for these issues. It effects social organizations like us because if people aren't reporting domestic violence incidents, we are not able to get as much grant money because it's based on the reported incidents," Amanda Byrom, Public Relations Coordinator for Safe Place, said.

But this coalition is not just for victims.

"It brings together all the people involved in domestic violence being the prosecutors, law enforcement, service agencies, social service agencies and medical personnel. We feel like we all need to be on the same page because we are really going to have to educate the public," Conner said.

The county plans on continuing to rise up and make a change.

"This is not going to be a dead coalition, this is going to be a coalition that goes out and works and does things," Conner said.