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Two Monahans Boys Attacked By Pit Bulls

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

MONAHANS- Monahans Police have confirmed two separate incidents involving two boys being attacked by pit bulls on Monday morning.

"The mother in me just came out and said you got to get these dogs off these boys," Amanda McCall, the woman who saved one of the boys from being attacked, said.

McCall was driving by the 1000 block of West Third Street when she saw a little boy getting mauled by pit bulls and she knew she needed to take action.

"I grabbed the stroller out of the back of my car and I just started hitting them, hitting the dogs with the stroller. Finally, I got the dogs off of him and I told the little boy to run and go jump in my car," McCall said.

Amanda says she rushed the boy to the hospital and when they got there she couldn't believe how severe his injuries were.
"It was so bad we got him to the hospital they were taking off his sweater and just chunks of his flesh was just falling out of his sweater. It was horrible," McCall said.

The boy was later transported to Odessa and the owners of the dogs are remorseful.

"I knew the owners of the dogs too and they feel so bad for the little boy and they have already went and seen him in the hospital and everything," McCall said.

But the junior high boy wasn't the only one who was attacked Friday morning. One Monahans high school boy was out running for his cross country team when the dogs attacked for a second time. He was taken to Ward County Memorial Hospital where he was treated and later released.
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