Two Year Old Shows Signs of Trauma After Witnessing Mother's Murder

Two Year Old Shows Signs of Trauma After Witnessing Mother's Murder

Anum Valliani
NewsWest 9

UPDATE: On Saturday, 09-21-2013, Detectives were notified at 8:40 am, by The Lubbock Medical Examiner that Abigail Valencia had passed away as a result of the gunshot wound she suffered. On Monday 09-23-2013, Detectives filed a charge of Murder on Dakota Anguiano. He will be in custody pending arraignment on this charge.

BIG SPRING - She was one day shy of turning 18 but Abigail Valencia's life was cut short, allegedly at the hands of her boyfriend.

"She was a fire-starter. She was ready." That's how 25-year-old Adriana Harrison describes her younger sister who died early Sunday morning.

She said Abi was a goofball but her life centered around one very important thing-or person rather-her baby girl, Sophie.

Harrison said she's just like her mom, whom Sophie would call "Sweet Thing." Harrison also added that Sophie was extremely smart for her age.

But in this case, it's safe to say she knows too much for her own good. She was there when her mother got shot in the head.

"It kills me, it really kills me because she's only two. What does a two year-old, what is she doing saying that, you know. The things that she tells me, it really hurts," Harrison said.

Although she didn't want to give specifics about what exactly the child would say, she did mention Sophie would reenact her mother laying on the floor.

As for the side-effects of that knowledge, she's been having nightmares and wetting herself more often than normal.

Now, Harrison is stepping in. She said she's getting custody of Sophie.

"I'm gonna be that one to show her right from wrong now, like I did with Abi," she said.

Harrison said she's happy to be able to still have a piece of her sister through Sophie but she was upset that the events unfolded the way they did over what she described as a foolish argument over Valencia having to go to work during her day off.

Even in the aftermath, Sophie's biological father has become more visible in the girl's life. Harrison just wants justice for the people responsible for her sister's murder.

According to police reports, Dakota Anguiano, who is Abigail Valencia's boyfriend and his friend, David Westbrook, have been charged with tampering with evidence. The last time NewsWest 9 spoke to officials, Anguiano was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, however, that could change.