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Airplane Incident at Midland International Airport Reported as a Crash, No Injuries Reported

Brian Wise
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- NewsWest 9 got an alert Saturday saying a plane had crashed at Midland International Airport.

The plane didn't crash though; it just came in for a rough landing. What could have been an aerial disaster turned into four feet safety on the ground.

"Two people were on board a Luscombe 8-A. It did come in as an Alert 3, which for us comes in over our crash phone, but it safety landed, there were no injuries. It did slide off one of our runways, so at this time it's classified as an incident and the aircraft is moving off the runway as we speak," Higgins said. 

What could have been a horrible crash was averted. It turns out that the plane was not commercial, just individually owned. NewsWest 9 caught the plane being put into the hanger. 

"What you could be seeing now, if you are seeing people surrounding it, they might be checking for any possible damage or for any further investigation into what caused the alert three to be activated in the first place," Higgins said.

It is unknown whether the Federal Aviation Administration in Lubbock will investigate the crash. 

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