Seven More People Arrested Following Gambling Raid in Odessa

Seven More People Arrested Following Gambling Raid in Odessa

Brian Wise
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Seven more people have been arrested in connection to illegal gambling in Odessa. That brings the number of arrests to 21.

12 search warrants were served simultaneously Wednesday afternoon at game rooms across the City of Odessa. The searches were to find if gambling had taken place at any of the sites. Police had received several complaints from citizens about illegal gambling activity.

Corporal Steve LeSueur of Odessa Police was at Cassidy's, off Andrew's Highway, to collect information on the search and relay it to the media.

"All the search warrants were executed, all at the same time at approximately 1100 hours this (Wednesday) morning. The reason for that was obvious so that we could hit all of them at the same time. We didn't want to interfere with the investigation of the rest of them," LeSueur said.

Odessa Police worked with FBI and DEA. Authorities confiscated 800 motherboards from 8-line machines, which simulate gambling.

"They were possibly getting money from the slot machines. It definitely was confirmed that illegal activity was going on. As far as getting the money from them, that's unknown to me," LeSueur said.

70 arrest warrants were obtained and 49 of them were served as of Thursday. These were given to employees and owners of the 12 game rooms. Six more people have yet to be arrested.

These are the game rooms police searched on Wednesday:

Big Deal Game Room; 4300 Andrews Hwy

Big K Game Room; 3306 Andrews Hwy

Cassidy's Slots of Fun; 2322 Andrews Hwy

Fun Game Room; 2000 N. County Rd W.

KK Game Room; 3134 Andrews Hwy

Las Maquinitas; 301 W. Clements

Lucky Game Room; 2615 N. Grandview

Monte Carlo Game Room; 820 N. County Rd W.

Spinners Game Room; 1401 E. 7th St

Star Game Room; 2826 N. County Rd W.