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Midland City Councilman-At-Large Hoping to Change Title to Mayor in Upcoming Election

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's one of the most anticipated races in the upcoming November elections.

The seat for the next mayor of Midland is up for grabs and current city councilman Jerry Morales is busy trying to get your vote.

Jerry Morales is hoping to continue his track record of winning elections.

"Five years serving City Councilman-at-large, elected three times," Morales said.

But this time he's hoping to change his title to Mayor.

Morales said his time at city hall has prepared him for the job.

"Serving on City Council, you understood where Midland has been," Morales said. "I understand where Midland is today and I wanna make sure that I'm the leader that can take us into tomorrow."

Morales said he plans to focus on important issues like water, traffic, drainage systems and making Midland more business-friendly.

He also told NewsWest 9 he'd like to see 15% of new developments, like apartments, set aside for single parents and others struggling with housing.

Morales wants to work closely with developers coming to the area.

"They need to understand the issues that we have here in Midland, TX," he said. "Think about our public safety force. It's hard for them to afford those types of rates, our teachers."

Speaking of new developments, the city councilman said he supports the Energy Tower.

"The agreement that the council just approved, I think it works for the community in the sense that you're gonna get over a million dollars back in taxes, back to the community rather than a property just sitting there empty," Morales said.

Still, he said he understands the community's concerns and adds they're not falling on deaf ears.

And as the owner of restaurant Gerardo's Casita, Morales said he has fellow businesses in mind.

"We need to diversify our economy," he said. "If the oil and gas was to ever kinda quiet down a little bit, that we have diversification of our economy to keep our seats full, to keep our doors open. Midland is home and I just wanna continue giving back to my community."

NewsWest 9 is profiling each mayoral candidate in the weeks leading up to election.

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