West Texas Company Uses Humor to Address Drug Testing For New Employees

West Texas Company Uses Humor to Address Drug Testing For New Employees

by Anum Valliani
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS - Kent Kwik owners put out an eye-catching ad in the newspaper on Sunday. It reads, "I don't usually apply for jobs, but when I do, it's for Kent Kwik (And then I usually fail my drug test.)"

Owner and President, Bill Kent, said that work is hard enough if you don't have a sense of humor.

"We just thought this time, we'd be funny. We would kind of poke fun at ourselves and let everyone know we don't take ourselves that seriously and just see what the response was and we never dreamed it'd be like this," he said.

The company says there's no underlying message about drugs. Instead, it's about finding the right kind of people to staff their facilities. West Texas unemployment is near three percent and industries like retail and hospitality are hardest hit in finding long term help.

Additionally, Kent Kwik wants their employees and future ones to know that they're serious about keeping the place drug free.

Kent says they spend a lot of money on drug-testing. More so than most people.

Drug testing costs the owners $90 to $100 per sample. And they use hair, as opposed to urine samples.

"It goes way beyond just someone giving us a urine sample that a lot of times they can clean up, get a job and then you hire someone in your system that still has a problem," Kent said.

According to the owner, this kind of test is also to help ward off costs long term, like when they have to eventually let people go during random drug screens after being hired.

Kent added that the employees have expressed that they feel more comfortable at work if it's a drug-free zone as well.

The company hopes the ad will bring them the qualified workers they want.

"We're gonna run it again this weekend," Kent said.

Now they just have to wait and see what happens next.