Grady ISD Sees Record Enrollment, Lots of Transfer Students

Grady ISD Sees Record Enrollment, Lots of Transfer Students

by Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

MARTIN COUNTY - Grady ISD sits at the intersection of Highway 176 and 829 in between Tarzan and Lenorah in Martin County; but the little school in the middle of nowhere isn't so little anymore.

"On average, we probably have between 225-230 kids so we've increased 14-15 kids," Superintendent Leandro Gonzales, said.

It's not the jaw dropping numbers Ector County ISD or Midland ISD saw but Grady ISD is nearly at capacity.

"There's such a overflow this year, that for the first time ever, pretty much K-6 there's a waiting list," Gonzales said.

Something interesting: Grady sees a lot of transfer students from surrounding areas.

"Out of the 243 kids, about 77 of those are transfers. We've had kids come from Midland, Greenwood and Stanton," Gonzales said.

But, like most places in the Permian Basin, with growth comes growing pains and Grady isn't immune.

"The housing situation has become difficult for us. It's becoming harder and harder to find bus substitutes and even teacher substitutes," Gonzales told NewsWest 9.

If enrollment numbers keep increasing, the district could need new facilities.

"Right now, we have portables, some aging facilities, that have to be addressed and right now is the prime time to look at these situations," he said.

But the district's main concern continues to be the kids.

"Our community is really close knit, they take a lot of pride in our school, pride in our children and keeping up with our standards," he said.

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