ECISD Trustees Approve Pay Raise for Long Term Substitutes

ECISD Trustees Approve Pay Raise for Long Term Substitutes

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - ECISD substitutes can expect bigger paychecks. On Tuesday, the school board approved another pay increase as they deal with dozens of vacant teaching positions.

It was a unanimous decision among ECISD trustees.

We're nearly one month into the new school year and the district is still struggling to fill 38 teaching positions. Officials hope the pay increase will help fix that.

Certified subs can now expect $225 a day, that's a $100 increase. Non-certified substitutes will now be getting paid $200 a day, that's also a $100 increase.

This new rate only applies to long term subs. That means the substitute has to work at the same school in the same position for at least 10 days to receive the raise.

The decision was made to hopefully bring back more certified teachers into the classroom, something the district desperately needs.

Schools officials said the extra money is budgeted for and these subs will also be held to the same standard as a regular teacher.

"It adds stability to the classroom," ECISD Spokesman, Mike Adkins, said. "They're going to be doing a lot more as well because essentially they're gonna be taking on a full time role so they'll be doing before school duty and after school duty and all of those different things that come with being in the same classroom day after day after day and essentially being a teacher."

The employees who decide they would rather pick and choose when and where they work each time they sub will be paid $125 a day if they're certified and $100 a day if they're not certified.

The new long-term sub pay goes into effect as of the September 3 payroll period.