Mother of Daughter Killed in Odessa Accident Speaks Out

Mother of Daughter Killed in Odessa Accident Speaks Out

Brian Wise
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Just a little over a week after she was a passenger in a horrific crash in Odessa, 15-year-old Alicia Levario has died.

The young girl had been in critical condition for the past week after the car she was in ran a red light and t-boned into another vehicle.

NewsWest 9 talked to Alicia's mother, Michelle Levario, who has been living at the hospital for the past week. She hasn't eaten anything since Wednesday. We talked about the wreck but more importantly about Alicia.

Odessa Police haven't filed charges but she doesn't want the man responsible to walk away.

"I just remember Jessica saying 'I'm on my way to pick you up. Alicia. Alicia. I don't know what's going on.' Just, "I'm on my way."

"I told him, where's my baby and he said 'she's back there' and I was like 'what happened?' Something about he was racing down the street and ran a red light. That's all they could say," Michelle said.

Alicia was more than just a victim though. She was a student at Odessa High School.

"You know girls. They were like 'my makeup, my this.' She was just excited. Mom, I'm going to have dance first period.' 'How are you going to do your makeup?' 'I don't care. I have dance!," Michelle said.

"I mean, you could feel down and she would walk into the room and just light up your day," Michelle said.

Michelle has questions for the driver of the vehicle, Edgar Polanco. He has yet to be charged by Odessa Police but she wants to know why.

"Even drug dealers, they have them locked up for lifetimes. But somebody who can get away with murder? It's not right," Michelle said.

"I would just ask him why. Why if he had that choice to stop. Why didn't he stop? What gave him the right to take my daughter with him? Some of these little kids out there just to impress a girl or just to look cool. They decide they want to run red lights or 'Look what I can do' or 'Lets speed down this road'. You guys need to think about it think twice of the situation you want to put yourself into," Levario said.

There are still questions but Odessa Police are still investigating this wreck. Barn Door restaurant in Odessa is holding a spaghetti dinner on September 20 to help the Levario's pay for Alicia's funeral. Her friends and classmates are having a car wash for Alicia at Big Lots in Odessa on Saturday.