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UTPB Student Running For Midland Mayor

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A college student from UTPB is hoping to be the next Mayor of Midland. He's one of the youngest to run for the position.

It's not your typical campaign.

"I'm not qualified at all," Dan Anderson said. 

But then again Anderson isn't your typical mayoral candidate.

The 28-year-old is mechanical engineering major at UTPB with a minor in political science.

Anderson said he's very vocal about politics, however he admits he didn't pay much attention to them on the local level.

That was until he heard about plans for the Energy Tower in downtown Midland, a project he's strongly against.

"I think it's flat out wrong to give anybody other people's money," Anderson said. "We all talk about how bad welfare is. This is the exact same thing but it's worse because it's going to rich people instead of poor people. Now it's out that we're giving them between $50 and $75 million."

He said the tower was the deciding factor in filing for candidacy. Anderson's platform is small government but he says he doesn't associate with the Libertarian party.

"I don't know how to spend your money, I don't know how to run your business and I don't know how to live your life," Anderson said. "I think you're the only person qualified to do that but I'm the only candidate that wants to let you."

The Midland native said traffic and housing are issues he plans to tackle.

"Our cost of living is out of control and lowering taxes is the easiest and quickest way to get prices down across the board," he said. "What I'd like to do is get the 4-A and 4-B taxes over into property tax relief."

If Anderson's age has you concerned, he said it's just a number.

"Thomas Jefferson was only 33 when he signed the Declaration of Independence," Anderson said. "I'm not trying to free an entire country, just the city."

Anderson is one of five candidates running for Mayor. NewsWest 9 will be profiling each mayoral candidate in the weeks leading up to election.

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