Pope Calls for Day of Prayer, Fasting Against Possible U.S. Strike on Syria

Pope Calls for Day of Prayer, Fasting Against Possible U.S. Strike on Syria

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - It's no doubt the escalating crisis in Syria has many people concerned. Now the Pope is calling for a global day of prayer against a U.S. intervention.

The clock is ticking as the world watches and waits for what's next in Syria.

"It's a scary situation," Fr. Lorenzo Hatch, with St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Odessa, said. "Anytime there's war or conflict, lives are lost and we don't wanna face that."

But after last month's chemical attacks, the possibility of U.S. missile strikes against the country could be on the horizon.

That has Pope Francis calling for Catholics, Christians, even non-believers to fast and pray for peace on Saturday.

Fr. Hatch said they'll be dedicating a mass for peace in Syria.

"Violence only begets violence. War only begets war," he said. "You can't really have peace in the wake of war."

The Pope is hoping for open lines of communication instead.

"What he wants is for us to actually have those talks to be able to actually confront the issues that are causing both sides to be upset," Fr. Hatch said. "We're all part of the human family, we all live on this world. We need to do our best to be good neighbors."

NewsWest 9 asked viewers what they thought about a U.S. intervention and the response was overwhelmingly against it.

One viewer wrote, "I'm not Catholic but staying out of Syria has been in my prayers for some time now."

Another said, "That part of the world has always been at war and nothing we can do to stop it."

But a few others disagree saying, "If the U.S. does nothing then other countries will think it's ok to do this."

Congress is expected to vote next week on the issue, so until then, the church said they're leaning on the power of prayer.

"We're gonna strengthen our efforts and our prayer because we believe prayer has effect," Fr. Hatch said. "We're not just praying to something empty, we're praying to a very powerful God."