Big Spring Fire Officials Investigating Two Arson Fires at Same House

Big Spring Fire Officials Investigating Two Arson Fires at Same House

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Big Spring fire officials are on the hunt for an arsonist. That's after two fires were set at the same home, all within four days.

Luckily, the home was a rental and no one was living there.

Neighbors near the 1700 block of Benton said it was like déjà vu.

"You could see the smoke billowing," neighbor, Anna Briscoe, said. "I was surprised that happened again. There's no one living here, they haven't been in a couple of weeks."

The first fire happened last week. The flames ignited on the outside wall of the vacant home but it was quickly put out.

But it wasn't long before whoever did it came back and this time, they wanted to finish the job.

"There was a forcible entry gained inside the house and a fire was started inside," Big Spring Fire Marshal, Carl Condray, said.

Condray said they're following a few leads on why this house was targeted.

"We have some people of interest that are being developed and the investigation is ongoing," Condray said.

This is the third arson fire in less than a month in Big Spring.

Another blaze was set in the 1000 block of Northwest Third Street a few weeks ago.

Condray doesn't believe the fire on Third Street is related to the fires on Benton, but he has some strong words for whoever's behind them.

"These people are not contributing to this town, they're taking away from it," Condray said. "They're parasites. Individuals who stoop to this kind of level of retaliation or intimidation have some serious, serious problems."

Neighbors tell NewsWest 9 the fires have them worried so they're hoping a suspect is caught soon.

Condray said it could be days before an arrest is made but he has a stern warning for any copycats out there.

"Look over your shoulders because people are getting tired of it," he said. "Law enforcement is tired of it, fire services are tired of it and I think, frankly, the time has come where citizens of Big Spring are gonna take the town back. There's no reason to allow this element in our town. It's unacceptable."

Condray said its better to be safe than sorry so they're asking the public to report suspicious activity in your neighborhood, no matter how small you think it may be.