New Video Game Helps Women Make Abortion Choice

New Video Game Helps Women Make Abortion Choice

By: Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

TEXAS - Choice Texas is a new video game that allows players to hunt for abortion access in Texas and it even shows players the obstacles women might face when making their decision.

As described by their website, Choice Texas, is an "education interactive fiction game." Throughout the game, you can choose to role play through five different characters. Like Latrice, a 35-year-old lawyer, who "never planned on having children and between her career and family obligations, she feels she has her hands full enough," and Leah, who is a "bartender trying to save money for the future."

NewsWest 9 asked viewers on our Facebook page to tell us what they thought about the new virtual game, one viewer wrote, "Anything that is informational about the reality of a situation is helpful." But not everyone agrees, another viewer said, "I'm pro choice but to make a game out of something that isn't a game, it's life, it's sad."

Choice Texas can also be used as a sex education tool and some think this might be a good option to implement into classrooms.

"With it being in the school, at least you have a teacher or an instructor or you have someone that you can go to and talk to. If you're at home, you really don't have anybody," resident, Shelly Broughton, said.

The game is meant to be very serious and according to their web site it "asks players to seriously consider the plight of Texas women."