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Midland Planned Parenthood Officially Closed, Mixed Reactions Shared Regarding Closure


Anum Valliani

MIDLAND - Pro-life groups led by the Catholic Church gathered outside of Planned Parenthood in one of their final prayers outside the Midland facility. That's because the facility is officially closed.

"I thank God that our governor and our legislatures, in the recent session they had in Austin, said they would not give funds to cover centers that do abortion," Bishop Pfeifer of San Angelo, said. 

Pro-Life Advocate, Sarah Estrada, says, "It's a wonderful experience knowing that these types of services won't be offered in our city."

Estrada is a young mother to-be, who is delivering in two weeks, has been coming to pray outside the center for years. She said abortion was never an option for her.  
Lorenzo Lozoya was another attendee. He brought a poster he made to show how long people have had this movement going. In it, he had newspaper reports and pictures of dedicated pro-lifers leading the herd across decades, including his God mother. He said she was praying outside the facility's previous location and had been going at it for 27 years. 

There were Rosary beads everywhere, mothers with three month-old babies, dozens of people bowing heads or kneeling down in prayers for thanksgiving.

"I think it's wonderful that they're praying. I just don't think they know what they're praying for," Julia Seifert, a Planned Parenthood Supporter, said.

The Midland mom has been going to Planned Parenthood since she was 15 years old.

"It wasn't, 'oh hey, let's have an abortion, it wasn't anything like that.' They helped me, they counseled me. I was 22 years old and not ready to be a mom and they talked me into being a mom!" she said.

Seifert, like countless others, feels hopeless now that the center is closing because of all the services it provided.

"There are those people that believe that abortion is a form of birth control and I feel sorry for those people , I'm sorry for them, but Planned Parenthood offers that, they offer the ability to put yourself on birth control, to talk to you about it," Seifert said.

Seifert thinks there's going to be a population explosion, "And not because they don't do abortions, but because they don't provide services and have these women helped," she said.

Monica Brown of Midland added to that. She posted in a Facebook comment that, "Innocent babies will continue to be killed but now the mother's have to do it with their own hands."

Many are concerned about people who can't afford certain services or don't have cars to go to places that are farther away.

"I forecast my daughter will go off the pill," Seifert said.

The Planned Parenthood Trust in San Antonio said in a statement, "We hope that there is a time in the future we can restore the high quality health care that has been provided to women and their families in Midland, Odessa and San Angelo."

The bishop is returning to San Angelo to lead evening prayers at the facility, which also closed on Friday.