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Registered Sex Offender Accused of Giving Two-Year-Old an STD

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - It's an unthinkable crime.

"Anytime anyone is sexually assaulted, it's disturbing. However, when it's a child obviously, it's alarming," Cpl. Steve LeSueur, with the Odessa Police Department, said.

A two-year-old girl tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease and police said 49-year-old Timothy Willis is the one who gave it to her.

Police started an investigation back in May after the victim was brought to Medical Center Hospital. Officers went to Willis' house looking for the little girl but he refused to let them in.

Two other people showed, went inside and brought her out.

Several people close to the girl were tested for a sexually transmitted disease. All were ruled out except one.

"Timothy Willis did test positive for the exact same thing as the two-year-old victim," LeSueur said.

Willis is already a registered sex offender. His long criminal history shows he was convicted of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl back in 2000.

Willis' profile on the DPS website said he's a moderate risk and has a lifetime sex offender status.

"They all have different limitations, they all have different requirements as to where they can go, when they can go, who they can be with," LeSueur said. "They're investigating that at this time."

He was arrested in 2006 for failing to comply with his sex offender status.

As for the two-year-old girl, police said she is ok.

A local pediatrician told NewsWest 9 this isn't uncommon in these types of cases.

"About two to ten percent of the kids who are sexually abused do end up getting it," Manisha Desai, M.D., said.

Police said testing possible suspects and waiting for their results was time consuming and that's why it took a while before an arrest could be made.

Willis is currently in the Ector County Jail without bond.

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