Presidio ISD Saving Thousands of Dollars With Solar Energy

Presidio ISD Saving Thousands of Dollars With Solar Energy

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

PRESIDIO - Going green to save some green. That's the goal behind an energy saving effort at Presidio ISD. Most people like to soak up the sun but the school district is cashing in on it.

School officials were looking for a way to cut back on expenses so now they're using solar panels to power their elementary school.

"Most school districts get their money through taxes," Project Manager, Manuel Fausett, said. "If you look around you notice that we don't have much of a tax base and the best way to leverage that tax base is to find alternative sources."

The State Energy Conservation Office awarded the district a $250,000 grant to fund the solar project.

Right now, the panels are only powering the 3rd through 6th grade wings of the school.

"When it's really, really hot, that's when it kicks in as the primary source of electricity," Principal, Yvette Deanda said.

The savings are already adding up.

"It saves the school $5,000 per month in electricity," Fausett said. "If you take $5,000 and multiply it by 12, that's $60,000. That's a teacher and aide paid for a year that we're saving."

We're told it's not only benefiting the district but the community too.

"You can either pass it back to us, the taxpayers, by not raising our taxes or use it to improve our school district which is constantly growing," Alcee Tavarez said.

They said it's a plan that just makes sense, especially in West Texas.

"We can continue adding to it to the point where maybe we can be at zero and we don't have to look at a utility bill from an electric company," Tavarez said.