Colorado City Community Marks Hailey Dunn's Sweet 16

Colorado City Community Marks Hailey Dunn's Sweet 16

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

COLORADO CITY - The Colorado City community marked a somber milestone, Hailey Dunn's 16th birthday. Friends and loved ones gathered to remember the teen.

"It's prom time, it's chasing boys time, they're in high school, they're deciding what college to go to," Terrye Newcomb, a former searcher, said. "Hailey was cheated out of that."

Wednesday would've been her 16th birthday. It's the first one the community has celebrated knowing Hailey isn't coming back home.

"We were prepared either way but we wanted so badly to find her alive," Linda Fox said. "It's been hard. We miss her so much."

Orange and purple balloons with angels attached to their strings lined the tables. The balloons were eventually released to remember a life that was cut too short.

"She was full of life, she laughed all the time. She loved cheerleading," Fox said.

"These kids really miss Hailey," Newcomb said. "They're devastated, they're really devastated that this is the way it turned out."

Four months have passed since the heartbreaking news and people say they're healing. They don't want Hailey's memory to fade and said they won't let that happen.

"We need to keep Hailey out there so we can bring justice to her," Fox said. "She deserves justice."

"Physically she's not here but I hope she's looking down from up there, smiling," Newcomb said.