Drive-By Shooting in Odessa Could Be Related to Previous Shooting

Drive-By Shooting in Odessa Could Be Related to Previous Shooting

Anum Valliani
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Police responded to shots fired on the 900 block of Snyder on Sunday afternoon. Gaynell Wright and Durke Ellis reported that an unknown person shot at each of their houses while they were inside.

"It's obviously an ongoing feud," Odessa Police Department Public Information Officer, Steve LeSueur said.

Police said one of the victims who had her house shot at possibly had children inside that house.

Investigators believe there's a strong possibility the shootings could be related to a massive brawl that broke out there on Thursday night. That brawl may have been sparked by a confrontation involving one man's reckless driving while there were kids playing in the street.

Witnesses said there were about 30 to 40 people fighting that night. 23-year-old Allen Rowland had been shot in the lower back and the back of his legs.

"Apparently they don't know who did it, including the victim. They witnessed all the subjects but they don't know who they were," LeSueur said.

NewsWest 9 tried speaking to people living in the neighborhood but they say it's too dangerous for them to go on camera.

Some of them did say that it's mainly people in their early twenties that are causing the trouble. One lady even said that she was armed and ready to take action if anyone were to try to harm her.

Police are unable to confirm whether the drive-by was a retaliation but they suspect it might have been done to send a message.

Odessa Police say they suspect this could happen again, so they've added extra officers to patrol the area until they can improve the problem.

"The difficult thing for investigators at this point has been the lack of cooperation," LeSueur said.

Investigators haven't found any suspects or witnesses. But they did retrieve a suspect vehicle, a Lincoln navigator with chrome rims.  If the man is caught from Sunday, he's facing a charges of deadly conduct.