Local Pet Rescue Organization Struggling For Funds

Local Pet Rescue Organization Struggling For Funds

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND/ODESSA - A local pet rescue organization says their cause is in jeopardy. Their funds are running out and they say they need the public's help to stay afloat.

Since they started about a year ago, the West Texas Diamonds In the Ruff have rescued over 300 dogs in the Basin and it hasn't slowed down.

"Currently, we have 58 on the rescue account and that's just the ones receiving vet care right now," Kelsey Kuhrt said. "We're pretty much at A-Z Vet everyday with at least one to two of our fosters."

The organization runs solely off donations and funds raised from weekend bake sales, but with all of the canines in their care, the money goes fast.

"We recently received a $5,000 donation," Kuhrt said. "We've actually gone through all of that in a week so we're already in stress mode again."

We're told a basic exam for a rescue can be as much as $100 and that's if everything checks out ok.

The group has several dogs with special needs.

One three-month-old puppy is blind and another pup from the same litter has a broken neck.

"He doesn't stand and he doesn't walk on his own. He actually receives physical therapy everyday," Veronica Chavez said. "Even if we don't have the funds, we'll start pulling it out of or own pockets."

But the bills keep climbing and the number of rescues keeps growing.

"Housing is causing a big problem right now and a lot of people can't keep their dogs," Chavez said.

They're hoping the community will pitch in but members said they'll keep moving ahead with their mission, one way or another.

"If the money stops coming in, we would have to slow down but we definitely wouldn't stop," Chavez said.

The group said they're in desperate need of foster families for these dogs as well. If you'd like more information about donating or becoming a foster family you can find that information on their Facebook page just search for West Texas Diamonds in the Ruff.