Odessa Man Facing More Charges in Booby Trap Arrest

Odessa Man Facing More Charges in Booby Trap Arrest

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

WEST ODESSA - A deadly booby trap in Odessa nearly killed a landlord. She was trying to evict a tenant when she was met with a bullet from a shotgun.

Ector County Sheriff Mark Donaldson said it's the first time he's seen anything like this.

"A shotgun was set to where if you pulled the glass door, it pulled the trigger," Donaldson said.

That's exactly what happened Sunday night at a trailer in the 2000 block of Palomino in West Odessa.

A landlord trying to serve an eviction notice to a family member barely missed being killed.

Officials said 59-year-old Wade Woods is the one who set it up.

"They wanted him out because they were having problems," Donaldson said. "She pulled the glass door and a shotgun shot through the door."

Luckily the woman wasn't standing in front of the door but she was hurt by flying glass when the gun went off.

The Odessa Bomb Squad gave the all-clear after they didn't find any other booby traps.

Hours later, deputies caught up with Woods at the Executive Inn Motel in Odessa.

There, they made another shocking discovery.

"He came out the door and saw our guys and ran back in," Donaldson said. "He had several weapons inside the hotel room that he was trying to get to."

Neighbors NewsWest 9 spoke with off-camera tell NewsWest 9 that deputies have been called to the house before.

Even so, a family feud isn't why the booby trap was set up. At least that's not what Woods told investigators.

"He was trying to keep thieves away from his house for any thief that tried to steal something from him," Donaldson said.

Sheriff Donaldson is grateful this wasn't worse.

"If a little girl went up there to sell Girl Scout cookies, she gets blown away because she opened a screen door," he said. "No regard for anybody else in the world but himself."

Woods is facing three charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon because another person and a child were with the landlord as she was trying to serve the notice.

Woods is currently in the Ector County Jail.