School Districts Take On Unprecedented Enrollment on First Day of School

School Districts Take On Unprecedented Enrollment on First Day of School

By Devin Sanchez

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The first day of school is either the most exciting or the most dreaded day of the year. This year, there are more students, more teachers and plenty of changes for both MISD and ECISD.

"MISD is anticipating 23,000 students," Elizabeth York, Communication Director for MISD, said.

While ECISD expected about 6,000 more students than Midland.

"Between 29 and 30,000," Mike Adkins, the district's spokesman, said.

Even as the first day of class came and went, both districts still had people registering.

"We still have parents and students coming to register, even today and this week," York said.

"Some just prefer to do it when school starts," Adkins said.

With unprecedented enrollment numbers expected, for both districts, more staff is needed. MISD is "near fully staffed" while ECISD is still looking.

"We've hired a lot of new teachers. We're still looking to hire a few," Adkins said.

ECISD went through a lot of administration changes this summer, including the looming question: who will be the new superintendent?

"A superintendent is nice to have; be able to set the direction for us, be the liaison with the board and you need a strong super to lead your school district," Adkins told NewsWest 9.

Both districts said they're hopes are high for 2013 - 2014.

"Our top priority is to make sure schools are safe, fun and that kids are learning," Adkins said.