TXDOT Hosts DWI Simulation at UTPB in Odessa

TXDOT Hosts DWI Simulation at UTPB in Odessa

Staff Report
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ODESSA - The Texas Department of Transportation wants to curb drunk driving so they're giving people a harsh glimpse into the realities of getting a DWI arrest.

TXDOT was at the UTPB campus on Monday giving simulations of what happens when you get picked up for drunk driving.

Participants had their mug shots taken and got to go into a simulated jail cell complete with a toilet, sink and bunk bed.

People also wrote on a giant story wall, explaining why they'd never drink and drive.

That story wall will travel to other cities across Texas.

The event was meant to be fun but TXDOT also says there's a very serious underlying message to be sent.

"People are laughing, people are having fun but once they put that orange jumpsuit on, once they get in the cage, once they see the cost of what a DWI costs, even the first one, we think we're driving home a pretty serious message," Gene Powell, Public Information Officer with TXDOT, said.

Participants were also given an oversized receipt, depicting what a DWI would cost.

You can expect a receipt for $17,000 for your first DWI.