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Midland Citizens Voice Concerns Over Energy Tower


Brian Wise
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midland listened on Tuesday night as three leaders of finance, construction and planning talked about the economic benefits the Energy Tower would bring.

Bill Meyer (Partner of Energy Related Properties), Mike Kaiman (Vice President of Turner Construction Company) and Wendell "Scooter" Brown Jr. (Vice President of Haley Properties) were seated to answer resident questions. When the questions came from the crowd, tension came with it.

"If you need a place to go and be seen, do this (waving hands in the air) under the tower, like that, you're an idiot. And your full of vanity," Joel Rodgers, a concerned citizen, said.  

Besides comments about the new tower, concerns were made about the nightlife being brought to Midland. It was difficult to tell what the popular opinion was. Some clapped for the developers and other applause was for the residents concerns.

There were other questions asking how long streets would be closed down during construction. If the streets are closed, people worry shops couldn't do business but developers say construction workers need a place to spend money. 

"So if you take 775 people and multiply that by $10 for a lunch, that is a huge economic development for the downtown restaurants," Kaiman said.

The most pressing concern is safety. Phyllis Peek doesn't want this tower to be a repeat of the World Trade Center attack. She voiced her concern.

"Would you be willing to subsidize the Midland Fire Department training in order to handle this building?" Peek asked. 

"Well we don't know what is required for that but we would be happy to help in any way that we can," Brown said.

Brown said the tower is expected to be completed by 2017. It will include residential housing, restaurants and retail. The land not used for the building will be a park for the public to enjoy.