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Local Oil Company Using Recycled Water for Fracing

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By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Despite the recent rains, the Basin is still in a drought and that has everyone trying to conserve water, including oil companies. It's a process that's making its mark here in the Permian Basin.

"We can run 18,000 barrels a day," Wes Williams, said. "It's pretty amazing."

But Williams isn't talking about barrels of oil.

Williams runs Water Rescue Services, a company out of Ft. Worth that's working with Fasken Oil and Ranch to save water every time they frac.

"We don't have a lot of freshwater so we're trying to do everything we can do to preserve it," Jimmy Davis, with the oil company, said.

Williams explains how it works.

"We run a tap off the saltwater disposal well then pipe it into our system. Then it rolls into some settling tanks. We get all the heavy metals, all the trash so to speak, to sink to the bottom. That's the waste we haul off."

After about four and half hours, the water is ready to be used again.

"We did our first frac job last week," Williams said. "We did 10 stages. We used 45,000 barrels which is almost two million gallons of recycled water for a frac job."

"We're down to only using ten percent freshwater," Davis said.

Williams estimates it could save as many as 12 million gallons a month and that's just on this one site.

It doesn't just cut back on H2O. By using recycled water, Fasken can reduce the number of water haulers. This means less truck traffic.

"It saves a ton miles which is what TXDot looks at as far as the way the roads are torn up and tax dollars having to be spent on the roads," Williams said.

The company said they can recycle about 95% of the fracing water they receive.

That's good news for Fasken.

"It takes water and we're gonna get better and better at the water that we're producing," Davis said.