Residents Not Surprised at Hostage Situation in Odessa

Residents Not Surprised at Hostage Situation in Odessa

by Brian Wise
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The situation that occurred at La Promesa Apartments in Odessa has died down but things were intense on Tuesday morning. SWAT teams were in the street with K-9 units and snipers were posted on the roof. Neighbors were just going about their business but some were caught unaware.

Edward Romero, a resident of La Promesa, walked into the situation but couldn't get where he needed to go.

"I just heard a bunch of noise and I was coming out to throw my trash and then they (police) wouldn't let me go out by the trash dump because they got it all blocked off and they got some guard dogs and what looked like a machine for bombs or weapons or something," Romero said.

Residents at La Promesa didn't expect a hostage situation when going to take out the trash. Neighbors weren't the only ones surprised. Construction crews paving resident parking were told to keep working while snipers took cover on a apartment roof just a few feet away.

Travis Garner, working to pave a lot, couldn't even use the bathroom.

"I walked around to use the restroom, they said I couldn't use the restroom. They already had their guns drawn out and everything," Garner said.

The police line stretched around the complex and around the block to the next street where resident Cameron Sester was waiting. She evacuated but wasn't surprised the police were there.

"I've lived in these apartments for seven years. It's sad to say but I'm used to stuff like this. I mean, we're in Odessa, it kind of scares me honestly," Sester said.

The residents NewsWest 9 talked to had no plans of leaving La Promesa as their thoughts are with their loved ones.