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City of Kermit Seeking Solution to Trash Problems

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By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

KERMIT - Some residents of Kermit are not happy following a City Council meeting on Thursday night. The city is trying to change the garbage pickup system.

"We're looking at revising and updating a lot of the ordinances relating to solid waste, and of course, our sanitation system" Kermit City Manager, Pete Kampfer, said.

Right now, three households are assigned to one dumpster that is picked up twice a week but the city says they are still having problems.

"The city has accumulated a lot of illegal dumping and waste in the community, if you were to drive through it, you would see it," Kampfer said.

So the city is thinking about two different options, individual poly carts for each household or putting a lock and a bar on every dumpster, but the resident would be responsible for what ends up inside.

"If somebody illegally dumps something in my dumpster, the household, all three or four households that share the dumpsters will be fined because its our responsibility to keep an eye on the trash," one Kermit resident, said.

John Shepard, the Kermit Director of Public Works, tells NewsWest 9 that he thinks it is almost impossible for someone to rig the dumpster lock, illegally dump trash and then have the homeowner take the blame.

"Sure there could be an instance but they're going to be few and far between," Shepard said.

To prevent the illegal dumping, the city will pick up bigger trash items once a month but they may cut normal trash pick up to once a week.

"We're looking at all of the options, nothing is written in stone" Kampfer said.